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We are motorcycle people and riders ourselves who have a passion for working with you to enhance and extend your riding experience.

Our certified motorcycle technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment to perform motorcycle service, repairs, and NY state inspections. Our award winning motorcycle service is covered by warranty.

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Dyno Tuning
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Service Description

Prestige Custom Cycles Tuning Center

PRESTIGE CYCLES is the #1 certified fuel injection tuning center for Harley-Davidson motorcylcles in Westchester County NY. Our state-of-the-art DynoJet model 250i dynamometer incorporates the latest dynamometer software available today!

Our extensive research and development of the Marelli and Delphi fuel injection systems used by Harley-Davidson® has given us the edge in solving problems associated with fuel injected Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Here at Prestige Custom Cycles we can tune them ALL! PowerCommander IIs, PowerCommander IIIs, and the new Race Tuner EFI System from Harley-Davidson®. WE GUARANTEE RESULTS!

Motorcycle on Dynojet - Side View

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What is a Dyno Tuner?

A Dynamometer ( commonly called a "Dyno") is a machine that measures engine output known as horsepower, torque and fuel mixture. It can test under different engine loads and conditions. This helps us adjust fuel timing to ideal settings.

Why should I get my bike Dyno-Tuned?

If you have performance work done, you should have your engine tuned to get optimum performance wtihout sacrificing drivability or fuel economy.

How can it increase my motorcycle's performance?

By using using the best settings exactly matched to the equipment on your motorcycle, you will get the best possible performance. Note that "performance" includes not only the maximum power, but also good drivability, smooth running engine, and fuel economy.

How can it save me from costly repairs in the future?

A properly tuned engine does not have to work as hard as a poorly tuned engine to do the same job. (i.e. normal riding, such as crusing on the highway) resulting in less wear and tear.

What kinds of bikes can be Dyno-Tuned?

All bikes can be tuned. We specialize in Harley-Davidson®, but if you have a different brand and your dealer cannot tune your bike , we can still help you. Unfortunately we are not equipped to tune trikes, or any bikes configured with more than 2 wheels.

Are there requirements my motorcycle must meet to be Dyno-Tuned?

Your bike must be in good condition before running on the dynamometer. If your tires, belt,etc are in poor condition they mail fail; after all we will be testing it at maximum output.

Who is authorized to run the Dyno-Tuner?

Only our specially trained technicians are authorized to run the dynamometer. These technicians have been trained in all of the software options.

What time of year can it be done? Are there temperature or weather restrictions.

Fuel-injected motorcycles can be tuned any time of year, and in any weather. Our state of the art dynamometer has a special room all to itself. Carbureted motorcycles should only be tuned in moderate conditions. Extreme temperatures can affect the results.


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